Make Your Own Easter Wreath

Easy Steps To Make A Quail Egg Easter Wreath.

You can make your own easter wreath.
easter wreath quail eggs

I Did!

I saw a picture of a wreath made with quail eggs and I liked the colour of them so I thought why not try and make some.


You too can make your own.

BUT first… make sure you don’t mind messes!

And have a little bit of patience!

I used what I had on hand.

Some plastic easter eggs, a grapevine wreath and some moss.


Start by dipping your eggs into some white paint.

I added a little bit of grout to the paint.

Dilute two teaspoons of grout in two teaspoons of water and add it to your paint.

This basically is chalk paint.

Because the eggs are slippery this makes the paint adhere better.


I used some chicken wire to lay the eggs on to dry.  That way the bottom didn’t stick to my work surface.

Once dry I just dabbed on some black marks. Use an old paintbrush and smoosh on some black paint .

Do whatever looks good.


Then splatter some black paint using an old toothbrush.  Just dip the toothbrush in some black paint.  Hold it over the eggs.  Run your thumb over the toothbrush to create a splatter of black paint.

Once dry I stained each egg.

I used Minwax Golden Oak stain.


Grab your grapevine wreath.

Hot glue some moss around.


  The eggs will stick to the moss which will stick to your wreath.

Once the eggs have made their way all around the wreath, add more moss where needed.  This will help hold your eggs in place.

A few more vines wrapped in and around the eggs and you’re done.

I have a honeysuckle bush growing in my backyard and their vines are very flexible and easy to work with for projects like this.

The wreath looked real nice against this old frame that I found hanging outside.

featured image wreath easter

I had made it with some barn board and an old existing framed mirror.

The mirror is no longer in existence.

But the frames are not ready for extinction.  Not just yet.

I even have the backside showing.

You can see all the screws I used to attach the two frames together.

I hung the wreath onto the old frame.  Added a burlap bow.

Placed it above my mantle.

Added a few more things.

Like some bunnies.

Some Simple Dimple Bunnies.

simple dimples candle holder bunny

 This one is a candle holder.

Easily made with a piece of pine and a small tin can.

I added some more bunnies.

wood bunnies

Because you know bunnies like to multiply.

Added another picture frame and maybe a candlestick.

Easter Mantle wreath bunnies

And Now My Easter Mantle Is Complete!

Hope you enjoy your day!


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